DegreePlus is an initiative offered by SDS to provide students with opportunities to participate in off-classroom activities that can develop students’ lifelong interests and transferable skills for their workplaces.  In addition, DegreePlus can enhance students’ self-awareness and connections with others.   

Therefore, DegreePlus is a comprehensive approach to university life that sets out to expand students’ learning beyond their major fields of study.

DegreePlus Programme  

DegreePlus is a wide range of co-curricular activities, including, community services, athletics, arts and cultural, interest clubs, and leadership experiences.  

It is recommended that students should involve themselves in at least one out-of-classroom activity in order to cultivate a life-long interest that extends beyond the attainment of an academic degree.  The areas of interest include sports, dancing, drama, magic, TED Talks, photography, balloon arts, and astronomy.   

There are over 40 DegreePlus student groups including fourteen ‘Sports Clubs’; seventeen ‘Interest clubs’; five ‘Community Services’ groups; and five ‘Music’ groups.  In addition, there are 23 Student Chapters at college/school and department levels under their relevant academic units.  As of the end of January 2023, more than 60 student groups that provide off-classroom activities for 3,000+ students. For the list of DegreePlus Student Groups, please click here. 

Through the DegreePlus programme, students can demonstrate what they achieved in both academic and non-academic areas at CityU.  The skills and achievements in DegreePlus activities will be much-valued by prospective employers and give students an important edge in the future.