Student Ambassadors Programme (SA)

The long-running Student Ambassador Programme (since 1997) prepares students to play key public figure roles at future establishments by adopting them as student ambassadors to represent the university at various public events. Through intensive training workshops, you work on professionalism, presentation skills, communication, Emceeing, ushering and teamwork. This is a legitimate role where you serve as the face of CityU at university ceremonies, campus tours, expos and public outreach events. You come away from the programme with professional training and experience in public speaking and other skills essential to serving as a representative of an establishment.


SA is is a well-designed intensive presentation and professional programme for proactive and self-driven individual to set them up for career success with a series of tailored and structured presentation enhancement trainings. Admitted students are well trained to -

- To develop and strengthen students’ competence through structured training, with various opportunities to represent the University on institutional occasions and in outreach activities.
- To deepen students’ sense of belonging to CityU as they gain a thorough understanding of the University.
- To enrich students’ university educational experience through increased social exposure.
- To sharpen the CityU brand by promoting the University spirit and achievements to the CityU community and the public.


Full-time non-final-year (Year 1, 2, 3) undergraduates; local/ non-local are welcome
Good communication and interpersonal skills;
Committed and willing to contribute, serve and help SA team;
Outgoing and passionate as an Ambassador to promote CityU;
CGPA 3.0 or above;
Students with public speaking and/or emcee experiences are preferred.

Student Ambassador Role

SAs will represent CityU and deliver services on the following occasions:

To serve as a Master of Ceremony (MC) on institutional occasions;
To greet VIPs in campus tours;
To share university experiences with guests/ in school talks/ in videos or other promotional channels with students.

Information Sessions

Joint Virtual Information Sessions (BOP, EMP, E-100 & SA) - 24 May (Wed); 16 Jun (Fri); 21 Jul (Fri) ; 15 Aug (Tue); 4 Sep (Mon) 11am - 12noon
Please sign-up the info session HERE
Face-to-face Booth Promotion - CityU University Life Induction Day & SDS Expo (August 2023): 16 – 19 Aug 2023 (Wed – Sat)

Training Schedule

All admitted SA shall participate in an intensive series of customized presentation and professional trainings to equip SAs with required essential soft and technical skills for enhancing their profession in representing CityU in signature and university-wide events. The tentative training schedule as appended -

Required Trainings

No Date Time Mode Training Hours Compulsory Trainings
1 5 Sep 2023 (Tue) 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Virtual 1.5 Effective Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out & Strategic Career Planning
2 8 Sep 2023 (Fri) 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm F2F 1.5 Welcoming Orientation and SA Induction
3 1 Nov 2023 (Wed) 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm F2F 1.5 Business and Social Etiquette
4 8 Nov 2023 (Wed) 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Virtual 1.5 Create an Impressive Personal Brand on LinkedIn
5 Jan 2024 TBC F2F 1.5 Communication through Storytelling
6 Jan 2024 TBC F2F 1.5 Enhancing Presentation & Pitching Skills
7 Jan 2024 TBC F2F 1.5 Effective Business Communication and Pitch Strategies in the Workplace
8 Feb 2024 TBC F2F 1.5 Effective Emceeing Training (3 Class Real Practice)
9 Feb 2024 TBC F2F 1.5 MC Professional Image and Personal Brand Building
10 Apr – Jun 2024 TBC F2F 3 Tailor-made of a complimentary set of professional attire - Business suit and CityU scarf/ tie and official university pin
Total Hours 16.5 10 Sessions (Required)

Elective Trainings

Date Time Elective Trainings
6 Oct 2023 (Fri) 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Info Session on digital name-card design display & usage


Programme Application

Application starts from 15 May 2023, ongoing admission interviews will be conducted. The SA application will close sharp on 31 Aug 2023 (11:59pm). Complete the application form HERE. Advanced taking students who have NOT obtained any transcript from CityU, please submit the latest transcript of your previous institution.


- Please read thoroughly the terms & conditions, well understand the programme details especially the required training schedule before submitting application.
- Application without the required supporting documents will NOT be considered.
- Late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
- Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for admission group interview.
- Students without hearing from CLC by late August may assume unsuccessful application.


SAs should fulfil the following obligations during the academic year

- Please note that the schedule and details provided above are tentative, and subject to changes due to the availability of venue and trainer.
- Complete the compulsory training with satisfactory performance;
- Represent CityU on institutional occasions or serve the university community; and
- Complete pre-service coaching, post-service evaluation and reflection reports arranged by SDS


- SA securing +60% of attendance rate will get a Normal Certificate; student with +90% attendance rate for the captioned training will obtain a Diamond Certificate.
- Tailor-made of a complimentary set of professional attire - Business suit and CityU scarf/ tie and official university pin
- A complimentary customized SA name badge
- A service certificate with completed intensive career training and completed service/ internships with satisfactory performance
- A series of intensive presentation and grooming training workshops

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Programme PIC - Career and Leadership Centre

Ms. Belle Chong, Career Development Officer - (852) 3442 7495 /
Ms. Camellia Li, Assistant Career Development Officer - (852) 3442 8770 /

General Enquiry | 3442-5591

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