HKSAR Government Scholarship & CityU Scholarship 2015/16

The HKSAR Government has established a scholarship fund to reward outstanding local and non-local students taking UGC-funded full-time sub-degree and degree level programmes. 

UGC-funded students, including local and non-local, with outstanding academic performance, i.e. a Cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above by the end of Semester B of each academic year, or the top students (in terms of CGPA by the end of Semester B of the year) in each College/School are eligible to compete for the government scholarships.  The value of the scholarships is as follows:

  • HK$30,000@ for both local and non-local UGC-funded sub-degree students
  • HK$40,000@ for local UGC-funded degree students and HK$80,000@ for non-local UGC-funded degree students

In addition, the University will provide “CityU Scholarship” in the fixed amount of HK$40,000@ to encourage and reward UGC-funded full-time undergraduate students in pursuit of academic excellence.  Local and non-local UGC-funded degree students who are not benefitted under the Entrance Scholarship Scheme or HKSAR Government Scholarship Scheme are eligible. Both HKSAR Government Scholarship and CityU Scholarship are renewable subject to students’ continued good academic performance.

Eligible students may receive an email invitation,including the terms and conditions of the scholarships as well as the details of application procedure, in September each year.  Candidates may be invited to attend a selection interview in person in October.