Scholarships and Prizes at a Glance

The University offers a wide range of scholarships and prizes to the current students. Most of them are made by nomination from the Colleges/ Schools/Academic Departments on the basis of academic merit while a number of them are made by open application on a competitive basis. In general, the scholarship value varies and it may range from HK$5,000 to HK$100,000 each. Students can view the details of the scholarships and prizes, including the regulations, eligibility, maximum number of award, award value, awarding process and the application deadline, from the Scholarship and Financial Aid (SFA) system via AIMS under the following steps.

  • To view the catalogue of SFA records
    • select "Scholarship and Financial Aid" menu from "Student Services" via AIMS
    • Student Services (Tab) > Scholarship and Financial Aid (Menu item) > SFA Catalogue
  • To view personal SFA records
    • select "Scholarship and Financial Aid Records" menu from "Personal Information" via AIMS Personal Information (Tab) > Scholarship and Financial Aid Records

For Alumni of CityU, they may view their "Scholarship and Financial Aid Records" via AIMS under the menu of "Alumni Services".