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University Intellectual Property and Related Matters

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University Intellectual Property Policy and Related Matters

With the Intellectual Property Ordinance fully enacted in 2001, the University is obliged to observe and to comply with the principles and requirements of the Intellectual Property Ordinance. In response to the new legislation and to honor the intellectual property owned by others, policies and procedures on compliance of Intellectual Property Ordinance are formulated. These included a revised intellectual property policy for the protection of intellectual rights for the work of an individual member of the University, procedures to ensure the legal use of software on University-owned computers, and promulgation of the guidelines for proper photocopying for copyright protection.

To help promote awareness and compliance within the University, these policies, guidelines and procedures are presented here for students' and staff's easy reference.

This document details the University's policy on the ownership of such intellectual property. The University intellectual property policy relates to three aspects of intellectual property, namely, (i) Copyright, (ii) Patents, Registered Designs, Circuit Layout and Plant Variety Rights, and (iii) Trade & Service Marks.

These procedures are established to observe the "Reference Guide on Software Asset Management", a specific requirement under the Intellectual Property Ordinance. In compliance, the University has revised the procedure for software acquisition, implemented a central software asset inventory and conducted the first full-scale software asset assessment in departments by the spring of 2003.

As ongoing effort is required for continuous compliance, the Committee of Information Services and Technology at its meeting in November 2003 agreed to conduct a follow-up exercise targeted towards educating the University community for awareness and self-sufficiency in continuous compliance with the Ordinance. A leaflet providing an outline of the procedures and guidelines for the follow-up exercise can be obtained by clicking here.

These Guidelines enable teaching staff of educational establishments, including universities and schools, to decide to what extent and under what circumstances they can make multiple copies of printed materials, and distribute the copies to their students during class. They were developed under the Copyright Ordinance by a working group chaired by the Director of Intellectual Property Department HKSAR, consisting of representatives from the Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau, Education and Manpower Bureau and members representing local and international publishers, local newspapers as well as users in schools and universities.

The first version of the Guidelines was released in 30 September 2002. The current version was revised on 10 March 2004 to cover photocopying of newspapers. For Chinese Version of the Guidelines, please click here.

Please also refer to the Copyright in Education at CityU (prepared by the Library) for more information about the use of Library materials and services, course pack production and photocopying.