CityU Artwork Collection Management Policy

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Run Run Shaw Library is the custodian of the CityU Artwork Collection. In consultation with the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, the Library ensures that all artworks purchased by the University funds or acquired by other means are adequately protected against loss and misuse and that all purchase, relocation, transfer and disposal of artworks are properly authorized, accounted for, and recorded.

All requested artworks should be well taken care of by the respective requesting CityU departments, while artworks at Shatin Storage or those placed outdoors are in the custody of the Library.

In line with the Library Collection Development Policy, the Library reserves the right not to accept any donation of artwork.

Requesting Artwork for display

University departments may make a request to the Library to keep artwork(s) in their office area for display if they agree to the following:

  • Hang or exhibit artworks within the City University of Hong Kong premises in Hong Kong.
  • Exercise due care during the entire period of holding.
  • Inform the Library should there be any relocation of the artworks under their custody.
  • Report immediately to the Library for follow-up action if any of the artworks on display are found damaged or missing.
  • Return the artworks to the Library if they are no longer on display.
  • Pay to the City University of Hong Kong forthwith the damages suffered as ascertained by the City University of Hong Kong in case of loss or damage whenever necessary.

* Artworks located at the Shatin Storage may be requested. The Valuable artworks kept in the Library and artworks kept in other departments are normally not available for request. Library reserves the right not to approve any such request.

Procedures of Requesting Artwork for Display

  • Any University department wishing to request artworks for display should submit a request in writing via the HoD to the Instruction and Reference Services Section of the Library at, clearly stating the intended locations of display. Department may identify particular item(s) or may ask the Library to help select suitable item(s).
  • For unframed items, the Department may be asked to contribute to the costs of framing, conservation, packing, transport, special de-installation procedures, etc.
  • Requester will be informed by email if the request is accepted or not.

Acknowledgement of Receipt

  • The Library will liaise with requesting department to work out the delivery of the item(s).
  • Upon receipt of the item(s), the requesting department will be asked to fill out the Artwork(s) Receipt Confirmation memo prepared by the Library.
  • In comply with auditing requirement, the memo has to be signed by the HoD and returned to the Library by internal mail.

Annual Review of Artworks

  • The Department keeping the item(s) will receive the Artwork(s) Management Record memo from the Library on an annual basis.
  • In comply with auditing requirement, the Department will have to conduct a physical stock count and report any changes to the location and condition of all items on the memo and return the memo to the Library.
  • The completed memo should be signed by the HoD or his/her designee.

Returning of Artworks

  • The Department should inform the Library to indicate that an artwork will be returned.
  • The Department should arrange the packing and transport for the return of the item to the designated place as specified by the Library.
  • After receiving the item, the Library will verify the details against the records and issue an Artwork(s) Returned Confirmation memo to the Department.


  • All artworks on display are subject to recall.

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