School of Data Science (SDSC)

Shaping the Future

The School of Data Science (SDSC) is a strategic development of CityUHK to meet the demands of a data-driven economy in the future. It aims to become a world-class hub for excellence in this exciting new academic discipline.
Established in July 2018, SDSC has contributed significantly to the CityUHK’s mission in the pursuit of excellence. SDSC has become distinctive by serving as a campus-wide educational resource, fostering collaboration, producing leading research, advocating pathways for data science, scaling the best talents in the field and further solidifying CityUHK’s global footprint in a region of increasing importance to the data science world.


The first School of Data Science in Hong Kong and the region

Programmes that SDSC provides…

Year 1 Entry
Advanced Standing I
For students with recognised Advanced Level Examinations or equivalent qualifications.

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