Scholarships for International Students*

Entrance Scholarship Scheme

CityUHK has an Entrance Scholarship Scheme for international students with excellent academic performance who are admitted to full-time government-funded bachelor's degree programmes.

The Scheme offers three kinds of scholarships:

  • Top Scholarships of HKD200,000 (approximately USD25,600), covering annual tuition fees, university-managed accommodation and partial living expenses
  • Full Tuition Scholarships, covering annual tuition fees (approximately USD20,500)
  • Half Tuition Scholarships, covering half of the annual tuition fees (approximately USD10,250)

Applicants do not have to apply for these scholarships. The appropriate level of scholarship is awarded based on merit. Beginning from the 2022-23 academic year, students who receive the scholarship are required to attain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.4 or above each year throughout their period of study in order to renew the scholarship.

Diversity Grant

Admissions Status Duration of Studies Amount per Annum TOTAL Amount
1st Year Entry 4 years HKD30,000(~USD3,850) HKD120,000 (~USD15,400)
Advance Standing I 3 years HKD90,000 (~USD11,550)
  • All non-local students admitted from underrepresented nationalities except Top Scholarship recipients will be eligible for the new grant.
  • Awardees will be required to engage in a volunteer activity to enhance internationalisation of CityUHK annually. The grant will be paid in installments and automatically renewed each year.

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund

The Fund supports outstanding non-local students to pursue undergraduate studies in Hong Kong, with targeted scholarships made available to first-year full-time students from countries/regions along the Belt and Road, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Mongolia. Learn more.

Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarship for Non-Local Students

CityUHK's Student Development Services (SDS) is proud to offer the Student Athletes Admission Scheme (SAAS) to non-local students athletes. The aim of the scheme is to provide opportunities for outstanding student athletes to study in CityUHK. Since the introduction of the scheme in 1997, more than 1,200 students with high sports performance standards have been admitted to the university's degree programmes.

Through the provisions of scholarships, we hope to attract high performing international athletes to CityUHK and further enhance the performance of our sports teams.

Scholarship categories

  • Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarship of HK$190,000 (approximately USD24,350) per annum for International / Continental Level 

For more details, please visit Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarship (OAES) for Non-Local Students

Application, instructions and contacts

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Other Scholarships/Awards

Thanks to generous donations from many donors, CityUHK offers more than 120 scholarships, prizes, and other academic awards at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to students who have demonstrated academic excellence.

Full list of scholarships and prizes