Our team is engaged mainly in the R&D and production of conductive silver adhesive and insulating epoxy solid crystal adhesive, which are widely used in integrated circuit (IC) and LED packaging as a kind of die-attach adhesive. So far, we have launched two silver adhesive products and one type of insulating epoxy adhesive in small scale to the market. Our conductive silver adhesive has the characteristics of high electrical conductivity, high adhesion, high-temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity and strong reliability. It has passed multiple rounds of testing and verification by benchmark customers in the industry. Basically the adhesives meet the quality standards and performance indicators of international first-line brands, laying a solid foundation for the next step: large-scale mass production and domestic substitution (substituting imported products with domestic production).



Team members

Mr HE Kangqiang* (PhD, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, CityU)
Mr DU Peng (PhD, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, CityU)
Mr HUANG Zhonghan (Guangdong University of Technology)

* Person-in-charge
(Info based on the team's application form)


1. 4th place, Dongjin Cup Entrepreneurship Competition in Longgang District, 2020