Open Ocean Camera


There are presently no tools for continuously monitoring the impact of climate change on water quality and marine ecosystems. With the Open Ocean Camera (OOCAM), we address the issue of the lack of ocean data by providing a turnkey solution, packed with integrated sensors, customisable shooting modes and AI, resulting in a 50 times faster post-processing time and a much lower annual operational cost (one-seventh of the original cost) for climate and marine research.



Team members

Miss SRIRAM DHARMAPADAM Samyuktha* (Alumnus, Dept. of Marketing, CityU)
Mr GUPTA Sidhant (The University of Hong Kong)

* Person-in-charge
(Info based on the team's application form)


1. Microsoft Hong Kong X Swire Trust AI for Good Challenge winner, 2020
2. She1K C-Shark Tank Winner, 2020
3. Hong Kong SDG Hub “Climate Action Recognition Scheme (CARS)” Innovation Award, 2021

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