MatchUp is a business matching app that allows entrepreneurs to efficiently build their dream working team. We connect people who have great entrepreneurial ideas with people who have the skillset to actualise their plans to achieve a win-win situation.

MatchUp matches people not only by the traditional method of filtering their academic background and achievements, but also by including additional intangible aspects, such as values, personality and working style, because academic background and achievements cannot fully demonstrate whether a person is suitable to become a team member. We strongly believe that these intangible aspects are more valuable when it comes to forming a strong, long-lasting entrepreneurial team.



Team members

Miss LEE Tsz Yan Cherry* (Undergrad, School of Creative Media, CityU)
Miss LAI Hiu Shan (Undergrad, Dept. of Marketing, CityU)
Miss NG Tsz Hei (Undergrad, Dept. of Management, CityU)
Mr LAU Yu Hin (Undergrad, School of Continuing and Professional Education, CityU)
Miss WONG Man Sum (Undergrad, School of Continuing and Professional Education, CityU)

* Person-in-charge
(Info based on the team's application form)