Our motto is "Data speak louder. Make investments smarter”. By combining the power of crowd intelligence and AI allows us, we aim to provide dData-dDriven investment insights. As more and more key opinion leaders (KOLs) emerge in the investment field emerge, our platform serves as a lighthouse for investors in the “sea of KOLs and /advice” by providing one-stop-shop solutions, including keeping track of KOLs’ advice, KOL performance rankings, market data and /news, analytics tools, forums and courses. As at the end of May 2021, DataLouder hads 6,000+ users who participated in our Tracking Influencer Performance System (TIPS) and made a profit in the first year (2020).



Team members

Mr Chan Pak Wan* (Alumnus, Dept. of Physics, CityU)
Mr Cheung Chun Wai (Alumnus, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, CityU)
Mr Yuen Ka Lun

* Person-in-charge
(Info based on the team's application form)

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