The HKIAS Forum (formerly named as HK Tech Forum) provides a platform for discussing new strategies and approaches to major challenges in science and technology. Topics covered in the inaugural series in 2022 include Chemistry of 2D Materials, Data Science and AI, Reliability and Safety of Intelligent Systems, Advanced Matter and Materials, Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Environment, Quantum Physics and Complex Systems, and Metabolism in Health and Disease. The upcoming HKIAS Forum on Advanced Electron Microscopy and Instrumentation in Materials and Life Sciences will be held in December 2023.

Each forum will feature world-leading scientists and technologists and will promote strong collaboration between Hong Kong scholars in applying a multidisciplinary approach to tackling long-standing scientific puzzles and challenging technology issues.

The forum will be held at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in the Gordon Research Conferences-style to facilitate idea sharing and discussion. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, CityU has a well-earned reputation as an innovative hub for research and professional education, addressing global issues, and empowering positive change.

We look forward to welcoming you to CityU.