CityU Arts Festival 2021/22
Vocal Concert: Music Voyage with Bel Canto

27 October 2021 (Wednesday), Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall, CityU


Four guest vocalists proudly present a wonderful vocal concert with their excellent Bel Canto singing style. Songs from the East and the West with euphonious voices navigate you in this music voyage!

Dr. Michelle Tsui (Lyrical Leggero Soprano), Ms Carol Lin (Mezzosoprano),
Dr. Tim Wong (Tenor) and Mr. Alex Kwok (Baritone)

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CityU Arts Festival 21/22: Vocal Concert on 27 Oct 2021


The organiser reserves the right to change the program without prior notice

Special Notes in response to COVID-19

For the safety of audience and artists, please note the following health precautions:

1. One ticket reservation for one person only. Deficient information will be not be registered successfully.

2. To comply with the reduced capacity and social distancing regulations of the performance venue, special seating arrangements are in place.

3. Audiences are advised to arrive punctually and will need to go through temperature checks upon entering the venue. Audiences showing a temperature of 37.5°C or above will not be admitted.

4. Audiences are required to scan the performance venue QR code by the "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app or fill in the visitor registration form when enter the venue.

5. All audiences are required to wear their own masks and maintain appropriate social distance in the venue.

6. The performance venue may adjust the admission rules and/or seating capacity/arrangement etc., as necessary for prevention of disease. Ticket holders may be denied admission. Please note the latest announcement for the event.

7. Cultural and Sports Committee of City University of Hong Kong is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will announce any changes to our performances on official website following the latest official pandemic recommendations.


1. 每張門票只限一人入場。缺失資料將未能成功登記門票。

2. 為配合表演場地使用人數上限及保持社交距離,觀眾席會實施特別座位安排及人數管制措施。

3. 觀眾務請準時入場,在進入場地前須接受體溫檢測,如結果顯示為攝氏37.5度或以上,將不獲進場,敬請見諒。

4. 觀眾入場前需掃瞄「安心出行」二維碼或提供所要求的聯絡資料以作登記等。

5. 觀眾於場地內須佩戴口罩及保持適當的社交距離。

6. 因應嚴控疫情的需要,表演場地或會調整入場人數、規則及座位安排等,持票人可能為此未能獲安排進場,請留意有關節目的最新公佈。

7. 香港城市大學文康委員會會密切留意疫情發展,並配合政府的最新措施,在有需要時採取相應的票務及演出安排,及於本委員會網站公佈細節。