CityU Arts Festival 2018:
CityU Musical - Footloose the Musical

18 - 20 October 2018, Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall, CityU

Musical required a perfect combination of singing, acting and dancing. A team of talented students undergo professional training to showcase the classic Broadway musical: Footloose which received several Tony Award nominations with a win in Best Choreography. Come to join us and get indulged in the spectacular musical performance!

音樂劇演出需唱、演、跳俱佳;為了帶給觀眾最好的演出,城大同學們接受專業 訓練,為觀眾呈上榮獲多項東尼獎提名,最佳編舞得獎音樂劇: 《Footloose 渾身是勁》。連月來的努力排練,定必令你陶醉於音樂劇的魅力中!

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