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No. 79 2 January 2007


Shenzhen Government sponsors drugs research
CityU has been sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to establish a key laboratory, as well as to conduct a project on developing a novel anticancer drug.

Through its "Key Laboratories Sponsorship Scheme", the Shenzhen Municipal Government funded CityU RMB 1.5 million yuan to establish the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Biochip Technology for Drug Research. Led by Professor Michael Yang Meng-su of the Department of Biology and Chemistry, the Key Laboratory will be used for producing new drugs based on the biochip technology developed by Professor Yang. The Key Laboratory will be located at CityU's Shenzhen Outpost in the Shenzhen Virtual University Park.

Through its "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Zone Scheme", the Shenzhen Municipal Government also sponsored CityU RMB 0.5 million yuan on a Research and Development of Novel Platinum-based Anticancer Drugs project, also led by Professor Yang. The project aims at developing a novel platinum-based drug that inhibits the growth of tumors.


Technology Transfer Forum
To introduce to local industry the latest development of the technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) at CityU, the University will host a Technology Transfer Forum entitled "RFID: New Technological Driver for the Coming Decades" on 12 January, at the Multimedia Conference Room at CityU.

Professor Edward Yung Kai-ning, Director of CityU's Wireless Communications Research Centre (RCW), will deliver a comprehensive presentation entitled "RFID: New Technological Driver for the Coming Decades", during which he will introduce the various RFID systems and their existing and potential applications. Professor Yung will also join Mr Vincent Yu Chi-sun and Mr Ivan Leung Chi-wai, researchers at RCW, in another demonstration session to illustrate the application of RFID in logistic operations.

The Technology Transfer Forum is organized by the Technology Transfer Office to disseminate mature technologies at CityU to local industry for the advancement of knowledge and technology in Hong Kong.


Graduate Studies Information Day
CityU will hold its Graduate Studies Information Day on 13 January to introduce to prospective postgraduate students the academic programmes, faculty and learning facilities at the University. Themed "Knowledge Hub for Professionals", the Graduate Studies Information Day will feature talks by various faculties / schools on programmes as well as special topics of interest, experience sharing by students and alumni, and guided laboratory tours. Faculties / schools will also feature their programmes and students' learning experience in a series of advertorials to be published in Ming Pao in the first two weeks in January.

General Education in the Science and Engineering Curriculum
All CityU students will be required to take General Education (GE) courses to gain multi-disciplinary exposure under the four-year normative undergraduate degree structure, to be introduced in 2012. To prepare for the introduction of the GE programme, the Office of the Vice President for Undergraduate Education has launched a seminar series during which experts on a wide array of issues related to GE are invited to share their experience with our faculty.

Professor Harry Lewis, Gordon Mckay Professor of Computer Science and Harvard College Professor of Harvard University, has been invited to discuss the value of GE in the science and engineering curriculum and how it can enrich the education of science and engineering students, in a seminar on 10 January, at CityU's Multimedia Conference Room.

Goff Arbitration Lecture and Hong Kong Law Fair 2007
The School of Law (SLW) at CityU organizes the 14th Annual Goff Arbitration Lecture, entitled "W(h)ither International Commercial Arbitration?", to be delivered by The Honorable Charles N. Brower, at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, on 16 January. Judge Brower has 45 years' extensive experience in public international law and international dispute resolution. He is a Judge of the Iran ¡V United States Claims Tribunal, and Judge Ad Hoc of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Meanwhile, SLW is also joining the Hong Kong Law Fair 2007, which will take place at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre on 20 January, to promote its law degree programmes to prospective students.


Art exhibition
CityU Gallery will present "hk¡Ecityu¡Ehk", an experimental exhibition by local artists, Tozer Pak and Luke Ching, from 11 January to 22 February. In this unique exhibition, both artists encourage active participation from CityU students and the public in the development of their works for the exhibition.

They will explore the area surrounding CityU, from Kowloon Tong to Shek Kip Mei. From now on until the show begins, the artists will visit area by area each day to discover people, events, activities and elements of the location. These interactive activities will be documented and presented in the show.


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