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Bulletin-An internal news digest for staff and students

No. 220 3 February 2015
Published on the first Tuesday of every month.


President’s Lecture
Novel biomedical systems could be generated by combining nanotechnology with biological science, according to Professor Stella Pang, Chair Professor of Electronic Engineering and Director of the Centre for Biosystems, Neuroscience, and Nanotechnology at CityU. In her talk as part of the President’s Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia on 9 February, Professor Pang will note that while nanotechnology can provide high precision control, biological activities often have a high degree of variation. She will discuss how to match these two disciplines by applying nanotechnology to engineer sensors and actuators for biomedical applications. The title of the talk is “Nanotechnology for Biomedical Microsystems”. For more information, please visit here.


CityU Distinguished Lecture
An analysis of the past, present, and future status of Taiwan’s economic and industrial development will form the backbone to a City University Distinguished Lecture to be delivered by Dr Chang Chia Juch, Chairman of the China Development Industrial Bank, on 11 February. The title of Dr Chang’s talk is “The Key Issues of Economic and Industrial Development in Taiwan”. He will also explore what is the driving force behind Taiwan’s economic growth; what are the key issues for the future economic and industrial development in Taiwan; how does the Taiwan government assist in the upgrade and transformation of traditional industries; and what strategies and measures for promoting the development of key industries in Taiwan are currently deployed. For more information, please visit here.


Mental Health Week
Workshops, exhibitions, sharing sessions and courses will feature during Mental Health Week 2015 between 9 and 14 February. The events are organised by Student Development Services and form part of this year’s Wellness March. For more information, visit here.


The successful proposals for the 4th Call for Proposals for the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) range in topics from campus air monitoring and sustainable 3D printing to sustainable strategies for a student residence, waste management and social inclusion. A total of HK$3,336,677 has been granted to 12 project teams.


A PhD student from the Department of Electronic Engineering (EE), Lin Wei, has won second prize in the IEEE Hong Kong Section 2014 (Postgraduate) Student Paper Contest. The winning paper is titled Novel Wideband and Reconfigurable Circularly-Polarized Antennas for Satellite Communication Systems”. Lin Wei’s supervisor was Dr Wong Hang, Assistant Professor in EE. IEEE Hong Kong Section organises the Postgraduate Student Paper Contests annually to encourage IEEE student members in Hong Kong to apply their engineering knowledge to research projects in electrical and electronic engineering.


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