IAS Distinguished Lecture

Electrons are strange particles with an intelligent spirit. In this Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study lecture, the discovery, history and wave-particle duality of electrons will be reviewed. The electronic motion in solids, impurity electrons, chaotic electrons, and chaotic motion of electron in solids will be discussed. The speaker is Professor Shen Xuechu, Academician at the Chinese Academy of Science, and the talk is titled “Electrons: A Strange Particle with an Intelligent Spirit”. It takes place on 26 February. For more information, visit here.

No Straw Campus @ CityU

Plastic waste poses a huge threat to marine animals and their living environment. Studies show that microplastics can be found in seafood, table salt and even drinking water. Since the launch of “No Straw Weekend @ CityU” at campus catering outlets in June 2018, and thanks to the tremendous support of the CityU community, more than 80,000 straws are saved every month, about a 90% reduction in straw usage.

We are now launching the on-going “No Straw Campus @ CityU” campaign, starting 8 February. Straws will not be placed at free access counters and/or offered for cold drinks or canned sodas at campus caterers. Plastic straws are available on request only. For enquiries, please call the FMO Help Desk at 3442 8833 or email fmwork@cityu.edu.hk.


Teams from the Department of Electronic Engineering supervised by Dr Ricky Lau Wing-hong, Associate Professor, and Dr Tsang Kim-fung, Associate Professor, have been awarded three prizes in the PPT/ Paper Competition at the IEEE International Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering–Asia 2018.

Wang Hao, Research Assistant, Wei Yang, Research Assistant, Liu Yucheng, PhD student, and Zhu Hongxu, PhD student, won the PPT Competition – Best PPT Design with a project titled “An Intelligence-based Indexing Scheme for Supply Chain”, supervised by Dr Lau and Dr Tsang.

Wang Hao, Wei Yang, Wu Chung-kit, PhD student, Liu Yucheng and Zhu Hongxu won the Paper Competition – Second Runner-up with a project titled “Tree Health Index: An Assessment and Guidance for The Prevention and Transmission of Tree Hazard to Human Safety”, supervised by Dr Tsang.

Wei Yang, Liu Yucheng, Zhu Hongxu, and Wu Chung-kit won the Paper Competition – Merit Award with a project titled “A Resilient Safety LPWAN for Ubiquitous Medical Applications”, supervised by Dr Tsang.

Dr Ray Cheung Chak-chung, Associate Professor, and his PhD student, Abdurrashid Ibrahim Sanka, won the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE 26th International Conference on Systems Engineering (ICSEng 2018). The winning paper is titled “Efficient High Performance FPGA based NoSQL Caching System for Blockchain Scalability and Throughput Improvement”. The conference is jointly organised on a rotational basis by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US; Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland; and Coventry University, UK.