Saving energy

CityU is committed to green policies in its daily operations. We would like to seek your support and cooperation in implementing green practices embedded in the Energy Saving Charter launched by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of HKSAR Government that CityU has signed recently. The Charter brings together Government, business sector and non-governmental organisations to combat climate change. Under the Charter, we aim to maintain an indoor temperature between 24 and 26°C; switch off unnecessary lighting; switch off lights and air-conditioning when exiting a room; switch off electrical appliances such as computers, printers, photocopiers, shredders, among others, when not in use; procure energy efficient appliances; and save potable water.


Professor Way Kuo has been re-appointed to serve as CityU President for a third term of office. Under his leadership over the last eight years, CityU has developed rapidly, resulting in a transformation of CityU’s institutional identity and firmly establishing it as one of the fastest rising universities in the world. His new 5-year term of office will begin on 14 May 2018.

IAS Symposium

International experts in the broad area of chemistry will meet to discuss complex matter at a symposium organised by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) from 14 to 15 November. One of the keynote speakers is Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Senior Fellow of IAS, CityU. Other speakers come from mainland China, France, Sweden and the UK. Now in its second year, IAS contributes fundamental knowledge and innovative ideas to the frontiers of science, engineering and technology. Endeavours at the IAS include both basic and applied research across disciplines such as mathematical and physical sciences, economics and social sciences, and life sciences. For more information, visit here

CityU Arts Festival

CityU strives to promote the arts on campus. Now in its second year, the CityU Arts Festival contains a suite of exciting music, choral and film programmes through to 16 November. For more information, visit here


TEDxCityUHongKong under the theme of “Challenging Conformity” will be held on campus on 5 November, featuring eight speakers from various disciplines who “dare to share”. Among the speakers are: Dr Lam Yun-wah, Associate Professor from CityU’s Department of Biology and Chemistry; and CityU graduate Mr Marco So who founded a biotech start-up with a vision to improve the quality and affordability of omega-3 fatty acids. The event is organised by a group of 30 CityU students and supported by the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education.  

InnoCarnival 2016

CityU’s booth will be welcoming guests at this year’s InnoCarnival, which has been organised by Innovation and Technology Commission at the Hong Kong Science Park until 6 November. For more information, visit here.

Staff Social Club

The traditional Winter Solstice Celebration – Snake Feast will take place on 14 December. The event is organised by the Human Resources Office and is held at the City Chinese Restaurant. The deadline for registration is 7 November. For more information, visit here.