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    Overseas Internships Enhanced Global Exposure

    This Summer, 56 CityU students were sent to 5 metropolises (Berlin, Munich, London, Shanghai and Sydney) for a 7 to 12-week internship under Global Work Attachment Programme (GWAP). Let’s hear about their exciting experience!


    Sydney, Australia

    Emily Choi Ka-hing (Social Work, Year 4) spent 10 weeks with Justice Action and WIPAN, 2 NGOs that serve people affected by the criminal justice system. “Learning about how to organise activities that fight for prisoners’ rights and working with mass media to arouse public pressure and awareness in Australia definitely enabled me to think outside the box,” said Emily.
    Her memorable moments include the visits to a local prison and the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre. Emily concluded that the internship enriched her perspectives on social work practices and social skills.


    Shanghai, China

    Korina Cheng Hiu-lam (Asian and International Studies, Year 4) worked as a marketing assistant in La Camargue Beauty Ltd., a beauty product and treatment company. Not being a marketing student, it was her first time to learn knowledge and techniques in this field. She believes that the analytical skills that she obtained in this internship would help her with her academic studies as well.
    During the internship, Korina joined an unforgettable three-day training camp that helped participants to discover their strengths and weaknesses, their goals in life and explore how to pursue a career wholeheartedly.


    London, United Kingdom

    Claudia Chow Hiu-yee (Marketing, Year 4) worked as a Digital Marketing intern in MintTwist, a leading London-based digital marketing agency. Her supervisors were very kind and generously taught her new knowledge about digital marketing. Claudia was also given the chance to write a blog article for the prestigious newspaper Financial Times!
    “Working in the UK allowed me to develop global perspectives through learning from foreign business styles and to polish my English,” Claudia remarked.


    Munich, Germany

    Jasper Ho Lok-san (Marketing, Year 4) was the intern of sales and marketing company AVIAREPS in Munich. He started as the human resources intern but was soon promoted as the international group development intern due to his great performance!
    He is also proud of being able to blend in well with his colleagues, “They made me realise that you should not just focus on completing your work, but also enjoying your time at work in order to have a more balanced life.”


    Berlin, Germany

    Sam Hon Yu-ping (Marketing, Year 4) was hired by YYM Media Solutions GmbH and helped to expand the host’s business in the Chinese market.
    Sam reflected that the internship has given him chances to explore the real culture of Germany.“There is this deep-rooted perception that German people are boring and serious and barely smile. In fact they are very humorous!”He is glad that the internship enabled him to view the globe with new perspectives.