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The main objective of this project is to upload government policy, consultative documents, information and statistics on housing in the City University of Hong Kong Website. It also serves as an arena for dissemination of research and archives on housing. By creating an on-line housing database, it will facilitate the local as well as overseas students, academics, practitioners and members of the public who are interested in housing to search for housing-related information of Hong Kong on the Internet.


The Hong Kong Housing Home Page is a joint project of the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) (Department of Public and Social Administration) and the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA). Housing matters have always been issues of great concern in Hong Kong, for policymakers, academics, researchers, political and social groups, as well as ordinary citizens at large. With the introduction by the government of the Code on Access to Information, more and more public policy information is now made available to the public. With the full support and cooperation of the Housing Authority and the Information Services Department, it is now possible for major government housing policy documents, Housing Authority papers, housing statistics, housing research bibliography and other related reference material to be made widely accessible through the web site.

The main objectives of the Hong Kong Housing Home Page are:
  • the publication of government policy, consultative documents, information and statistics on housing;
  • the provision of an archive of historical documents and statistics on housing; and
  • the provision of an arena for dissemination of research on housing.

  • Most of the information in the home page can be viewed at the CityU website; some other information can be readily accessed through hyperlink to the Housing Bureau, Housing Authority/Housing Department and Housing Society websites. This home page was officially launched on 22 November 1999. This project would not have materialized without strenuous efforts made over more than a year in the design and development of the system, as well as in categorizing and uploading the relevant material, by members of the CityU/HA joint working group, in particular Mr P H Chiu, Mr W H Cheung, Mr Lawrence Chow and Mr Paul Wan of HA, and Dr K Y Lau, Dr N M Yip, Dr James Lee and Mr Simon Li of CityU, who took much initiative in taking the project forward. The HA and CityU have both contributed to the setting up and operating cost of the home page. Their sponsorship is hereby gratefully acknowledged. We hope that members of the public and the professional and academic communities will all find the Hong Kong Housing Home Page a useful and reader-friendly venue to look for reference information on Hong Kong's housing conditions and housing policies. We welcome any suggestions for improvement of the home page.

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