Course Requirement

Pre-departure training and post-internship debriefing

1. To better prepare for the OIS, students are required to attend both the pre-departure workshop and final briefing normally scheduled on the following weekday right after the examination period in May.
2. After returning to Hong Kong, students are required to attend a post-internship debriefing to consolidate their learning experience in the last week of August.
3. Full attendance is compulsory.

Joint supervision

1. Students are jointly supervised by a host supervisor and a CityU supervisor.
2. Both supervisors shall meet at least once on Zoom to discuss and monitor the progress of the students, preferably in the middle of the internship period.
3. It is the students’ responsibility to arrange the Zoom meeting and the final presentation to supervisors.
4. Recommendation of an overall pass grade is needed from both supervisors for students to pass the course, FS4005 Overseas Internship Scheme or the equivalent course.


Students are required to complete the following assignments on time.

Logbook To complete a logbook and submit to the host supervisor/CityU Supervisor for weekly review.  The CityU supervisor shall sign it upon students’ return to Hong Kong.  Students should submit the signed logbook to the Co-operative Education Centre by 31 August.
Progress report To submit a progress report by 30 June.
Final report To submit a final report by 15 August.
Final presentation To deliver a final presentation:
(a) to the host supervisor on site before returning to Hong Kong.
(b) to the CityU Supervisor in Hong Kong before Semester A begins.
Reflection essay To submit a reflection essay on how the student benefits from the learning experience by 31 August.
Photos To submit 5 photos at work and 5 photos outside work illustrating students’ involvement in OIS for record and future promotion by 31 August.
Video To Submit a one minute video capturing the essence of OIS by 31 August.
Expenses summary An expenses summary for reference of future OIS participants by 31 August.
Feedback Questionnaire To complete a feedback questionnaire on OIS by 31 August.

Failure to complete any of the above listed assignments will result in failure of the course.  In addition, the subsidy will have to be returned to CityU in full.