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Cultural & Language Immersion Scheme (CALIS)

About the Scheme

CALIS is a 4-week summer study programme that takes place in the UK, with an objective to improve students’ English proficiency through immersion in the British culture and classroom learning. Cultural immersion comprises a variety of activities including homestay at a local family, community services, sports and music, weekend excursions and sightseeing.

CALIS welcomes all non-final year full time students of the College of Engineering. Information sessions are normally held in late November of each year. Interested students are invited to visit this webpage regularly for update.



Work Schedule (Tentative)

Dates Work description Remarks
Week 4, Sem B Briefing session 2:30 – 3:00pm 
10 Feb 2022 (Thursday)
Zoom Link:
Week 4, Sem B Application period Through CRESDA
Week 6, Sem B Interview Departments and interview panels have full discretion with regard to the interview arrangement and student assessment / nomination
Week 8 Announcement of results  
Week 12 Payment of airfare ~HK$10,000
Week 13 First meeting Compulsory: Exact date to be confirmed
Week 13 Payment of caution money Caution money: $8,000 (to be reimbursed by October after successful completion of CALIS)
Week 14 Final payment 40% of programme fee LESS airfare
13 May Submission of 2-page summary on project Compulsory
17 May Pre-departure workshop & Final briefing Compulsory (Exact date to be confirmed)

18 May
22 Jun
Departure Date (tentative)
London group A
London group B
Group departure is a MUST

20 Jun
25 Jul
Return date (tentative)
London group A
London group B
Staying behind is NOT allowed


24 Jun
28 Jul

Final presentation and debriefing (tentative)
London group A
London group B


London (Middlesex University)

  • Visits: Buckingham Palace, House of Parliament, London Eye, Greenwich, River Thames, Royal Observatory
  • Weekend trips: Oxford, Brighton, Windsor
  • Industrial visit: Brewery manufacturing plant
  • Sports: Horse riding, cricket, sports day
  • Evening activities: Musical, Hollywood Bowling, Medieval Banquet
  • Service Learning Projects

The above programme is subject to change.



All non-final year full-time CENG undergraduates and associate degree students of the College. Students of the Division of Building Science and Technology should apply to the Division.

Application form: Via CRESDA

Application period: 7 - 13 February 2022

Requirement: CGPA 2.0 or above

Late submission will not be entertained under any circumstances

Interview: Weeks 6, Semester B

Departments and interview panels have full discretion with regard to the interview arrangement and student assessment/nomination.  In general, selection is based on the following:

  • attitude
  • initiative
  • teambuilding abilities
  • willingness to serve
  • English proficiency

Announcement of results: Week 8, Semester B

Results will be announced via email.


Programme Fee

The programme fee covers the following items :

  • Return Airfare
  • Accommodation (Residence Hall) – receive a new bed pack which includes duvet, sheets and pillows
  • Travel Card : Oyster Card (London) GBP120
  • Transportation: airport pickup, weekend visits, industrial visits, overnight weekend trips
  • Tickets and entry fees of certain scheduled visits
  • IELTS exam, teaching materials & tutor fees

General daily expenses, data plans and local transportation are not included in the programme fee. They are to be borne by students separately.

Caution Money

Students are required to pay HKD8,000 as caution money. It is non-transferable and does NOT form any portion of the programme fee. It will be returned to students only after their successful completion of the programme. Students who withdraw at any time for any reason will NOT get any refund. If additional cost is incurred after full payment, e.g. change in the exchange rate or fuel surcharge, it will be deducted from the caution money.

The programme activities of CALIS include all the meetings and workshops, the pre-departure briefing, all the scheduled classes and activities in the UK and the post-CALIS debriefing and review meeting. Students are required to attend all the programme activities. Absent from any activity/class or failure to submit any assignment may result in the forfeiture of the caution money in part or in full.

Budget Estimate

Programme Fee
•    Approximately HKD50,000
Payment scale:
o    University (60%): Around HKD30,000
o    Student (40%): Around HKD20,000
Additional Cost To be Borne by Students
•    Visa application fees
•    Travel and medical insurances policies that will cover COVID-19 COVID-19 diagnostic test before travel and/or after arrival, if applicable
•    Inbound Hotel quarantine if applicable (subject to approval, the College may provide a subsidy at HK$200/day)


Scholarship (On Competitive Basis)

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Non-academic Awards (TDS & ROA) 2021 - 22 (HKD10,000)

  • Students with CGPA ≥ 3.0 may also apply for this ROA scholarship as additional financial support on a competitive basis.
  • University sponsorship will not be deducted upon students' successful application for the ROA scholarship.

[SDS / Parent Dept will announce in April or May]

General Information

Visa application

Students are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa and checking that their passport hold a 6-month expiry period at least when they enter the UK. The cost of visa application and passport renewal is to be borne by the students.

Insurance matters

CityU is providing group travel insurance to participants, please refer to the webpage of the Finance Office at:

However, students are required to take out travel and medical insurances policies that will cover COVID-19 during the whole programme.


Ms Maidie Lo
(852) 3442-9148