Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To grow the impact of engineering in Hong Kong and beyond through nurturing young talents and fostering new generations of engineers.

Our Mission

  • To promote the impact of engineering
  • To engage young talents, enrich their learning experience, and inspire their interests in engineering
  • To attract the brightest minds to pursue study in engineering
  • To support secondary school teachers in illustrating engineering concepts
  • To build up a long-run mentoring and exchange circle




  • 提升工程學的影響力
  • 讓年青人接觸更多與工程相關的經驗,從而激發他們對工程學的興趣
  • 吸引年青人修讀工程學專業
  • 支援中學同工認識與工程相關的知識
  • 建立工程業界與學界的交流圈