Online application


  1. Penultimate year students at the time of application (students will be in their final year when CES commences). Full-time undergraduates, local or non-local in College of Engineering.
  2. Self-financed students should alert Co-op Centre, both at the time of application and upon acceptance of offer. There is important implication in the tuition fee.
  3. For non-local students, the final approval rests with the Immigration Department of HKSAR.
  4. Students on outbound exchange progamme in Semester B can apply through the online system but need to understand that greater chances will be given to students who can attend interviews in HK.
  5. OIS candidates:
    OIS candidates who wish to join CES need to submit an application in March as other fellow students.

Important notes

Event Important Notes
Before application Co-op Centre will send students a link in March for them to activate the student account in the system.
Study load is a major concern. During the internship period, students cannot:
  • take more than 2 courses per semester in addition to FYP & FS4001
  • or 1 summer course if the internship period covers the summer months
Application is not recommended if a student still has too many incomplete courses in Year 4.
Application No new posts will be uploaded during the application period.
Students shall apply online and the Online System is best viewed with MS Internet Explorer.
For enquiry about online application, please contact Mr Francis Yip (3442-6177) or Ir Silas Foo (3442-6182).
Department screening Departments will arrange interview.
and selection is based on students' attitude, team-building ability, initiatives, social maturity and commitment towards completing the scheme. Academic performance also serves as reference.
Company interview Students will be notified by email. Please check email every day. Co-op Centre cannot guarantee how much preparation time students will have. It can be as short as one evening or as long as a week.
Only one interview at one company for one post will be processed at any one time. Once an offer is made, the student is expected to accept it. Please consider carefully before applying for a post.
Interview in China: escorted by CEC staff where possible; please have a VALID travelling documents ready
Interview in HK: no escort
Be available during the period and avoid travelling during Easter Holidays.