Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
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Department of Management Sciences
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Business Analysis

Note: The following curriculum information is subject to periodic review and changes.

Aims of Minor

This minor aims to provide students with a general knowledge of business intelligence, and topics in related fields, both in principle and practice. It also develops students’ ability to manage and analyze huge volume of business data using computing software popularly used in the global business world. 

Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor (MINILOs)

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate key knowledge and skills in using computer software for data analysis;
  2. Select and apply modern statistical and business intelligence techniques with the use of appropriate computing software for data analysis, statistical modeling and providing solutions to business problems.  

Minor Requirements (15 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2022/23

1. Core Courses (6 credit units for BBA students; 9 credit units for non-BBA students)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitsRemarks
CB2200Business Statistics3Student who take this course as part of their major/College requirements are required to take additional elective course.
MS3251Analytics using SAS3
MS3252 Regression Analysis3

2. Electives (9 credit units for BBA students; 6 credit units for non-BBA students)
Note: Students who take (or have taken) the following elective courses as part of their major/College
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitsRemarks
MS3111Quantitative Business Analysis with Visual Basic for Applications3
MS3224Business Survey Design3
MS4224Enterprise Data Mining3
MS4226Risk Management Models3
MS4252Big Data Analytics3
MS4254Quantitative Analysis for Economics and Finance3
MS4262 Advanced Analytics using SAS3