Ways of Donation


Giving in Cash

The simplest and most convenient way to show your support to the campaign is to make a gift in cash; this allows great flexibility whenever and wherever we address the University’s most pressing challenges.

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Giving in Kind

You are also welcome to show your support to the campaign by making a gift in kind. This could be a donation of real estate, bonds, shares or securities, corporate gifts or services, equipment, book collections, or other valuables.

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Another thoughtful way to show your support is to make a pledged gift – one that creates a personal and lasting legacy of your aspiration. Apart from life insurance plan, you may consider to make a gift in your will through a bequest. You can bequeath an amount or percentage of your assets to CityU, while maintaining complete control of the assets and retaining the right to change the provisions during your lifetime. You can also designate how you want it to be used or leave it unrestricted for the University to decide.

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