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Section 5
New Media and Contemporary Artworks

reconFiguring the CAVE
Agnes Hegedüs, Bernd Lintermann, Jeffrey Shaw and Leslie Stuck (sound)
Interactive computer graphic virtual reality installation, two-channel stereoscopic projection
Vitruvian man implementation by Bernd Lintermann, Nikolaus Völzow and StungaLab

reconFiguring da Vinci is a new version, over 20 years later, of an original 1997 pioneering configuring the CAVE installation (made for the ICC in Tokyo)—already reworked in 2000 as  ‘reconFiguring the CAVE’. The piece is an immersive interactive VR installation with 3D projection on the floor and on an adjoining wall. Real-time procedural software, developed by Bernd Lintermann, allows each viewer to interact with digital imagery in a dynamic narrative.