To maximise networking opportunities for participants of AAC 2019, an Industrial exhibition will be take place on the campus of City University of Hong Kong during the conference. It will provide an excellent stage for exchanging latest research in aerosol science and technology.

Directions to Exhibition Zones
1. Exhibition Zone (Yeung Kin Man Academic Building)
Arrived at Pedestrian Subway Arrived at University Circle
1. When you get off the MTR, look for Festival Walk exit.
2. In Festival Walk, on Level LG1, there is a Pedestrian Subway which will lead you to CityU campus.
3. After walking through the Pedestrian Subway, go straight and you will see the Yeung Kin Man Academic Building in front of you.
4. Take the escalator on the right hand side of the entrance to arrive 4/F, the University Concourse of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building.
1. When you drop off at the University Circle, go along the covered walkway which will lead you to the Academic 1.
2. Walk through the red doors, you will be on the 4/F of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building.

2. Exhibition Zone (Lau Ming Wai Academic Building)
Arrived at Pedestrian Subway Arrived at University Circle
1. When you get off the MTR, look for Festival Walk exit.
2. In Festival Walk, on Level LG1, there is a Pedestrian Subway which will lead you to CityU campus.
3. After walking through the Pedestrian Subway, go down the staircase on your right and follow the directional signs, you will find yourself walking under a covered corridor alongside the garden which will lead you to the University Circle.
4. Go along the covered walkway and follow the directional signs which will lead you to Lau Ming Wai Academic Building.
5. Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall is on 5/F of Lau Ming Wai Academic Building.
1. When you drop off at the University Circle, go along the covered walkway and follow the directional signs which will lead you to Lau Ming Wai Academic Building.
2. Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall is on 5/F of Lau Ming Wai Academic Building.

1. Exhibition Zone (at Yeung Kin Man Academic Building)

The exhibition booths will be will be set at the Blue and Yellow Zones of University Concourse, 4/F, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, which is one of the prime locations of City University of Hong Kong. The exhibition zone is next to oral and poster sessions.

Blue Zone
Blue Zone
Yellow Zone
Yellow Zone


(in alphabetical order of company name)

Aerosol and Air Quality Research

The international journal of Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAQR) covers all aspects of aerosol science and technology, atmospheric science and air quality related issues. AAQR is published monthly as an open-access journal. The 2017 Impact Factor for AAQR is 2.589 and the 5-Year Impact Factor is 2.814. The AAQR Editorial Office will call for the papers presented in Asian Aerosol Conference 2019, held at City University of Hong Kong. All accepted papers will be collected in a single volume as a special issue. With your contributions, AAQR brings the best research to the fields of aerosol and atmospheric science.

Aerosol Devices Inc.

Aerosol Devices Inc. is a rapidly growing aerosol instrumentation company in Colorado, USA serving research customers around the wrold. Our mission is to offer superior aerosol measurement capabilities that advance scientific knowledge, which can lead to improving the environment, health, safety and quality of life. Advance your aerosol research with our unique instruments using laminar-flow water condensation growth for particle collection and counting from 5nm to 10µm: NEW! Series 110A SPOT SAMPLER™ aerosol particle collector for physical, biological and chemical analysis. See what’s been added! MAGIC CPC™ ultrafine particle counter – the world’s first tippable, self-sustaining, compact, quiet, water-based condensation particle counter. NEW! BIOSPOT™ VIVAS bioaerosol sampler for high efficiency, concentrated sampling into liquid to maintain cell structure and viability. Sample bare viruses to inhalable bacteria and fungal spores.


Cambustion’s Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier (AAC) is fast establishing itself as a unique classifier of aerosol particles by aerodynamic diameter, for true monodisperse aerosol selection without charging over a size range of 25nm – 5µm. Now available with continuous scanning mode.

The Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA) continues to find new applications in both calibration and research, for generating monodisperse aerosol by mass.

The DMS500 offers the fastest real-time electrical mobility size/number distributions available (from 200ms T10-90% at 10Hz); particle size measurement range from 5nm – 2.5μm, with unrivalled time response, sensitivity and sizing accuracy across its entire size range.

Dekati Ltd.

Dekati Ltd. is a world leader in designing and manufacturing innovative fine particle measurement solutions. We have over 25 years of experience in providing measurement instruments and complete measurement solutions to a wide variety of environments and sample conditions. We take pride in the quality and robustness of our products and are committed to finding the best possible solution for your aerosol measurement needs. Our experience and expertise in aerosol measurement applications is at your disposal via our global partner network. All Dekati® Products are developed and manufactured in Finland and are available with up to five-year warranty.

Fortelice International Co. Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1989, Fortelice International Co. Ltd. has been upholding the idea of integrity, innovation and excellence, and is continuously committed to the development of environmental monitoring equipment and provides accurate monitoring and high quality services.

Our product IGAC can be installed on automobile and ship, and provides gas and aerosol composition data for 24 hours automatically. There are many application examples in the environmental monitoring departments of seven regions including North China, East China and South China, and IGAC is on Xuelong research boat a whole year to provide top research teams for polar scientific investigations in 2017. In order to further improve data accuracy and reduce errors caused by on-site environment and man-made operation, we have developed a portable aerosol component calibration system to ensure data more accurate. The continuous pursuit of excellence is the guarantee and persistence of Fortelice International Co. Ltd. to our clients.

GRIMM Aerosol Technik

GRIMM Aerosol Technik, a Member of the DURAG Group, is one of the worldwide leading companies in the field of high-tech aerosol measurement instrumentation, due to its innovations and quality manufacturing. We determine particle number and particle size, as well as particle mass distributions.

The company develops and manufactures devices from portable hand-held spot measurements to complete stationary systems.

The product portfolio of GRIMM includes:

  • Dust Monitors for PM10, PM2.5 and PM1
  • Nanoparticle Counting and Sizing
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors
  • Workplace Monitors
  • Filter Efficiency Test Systems
  • Aerosol Generators

Our instruments meet the requirements of a worldwide increasing number of customers in the research field and industry.

Our specialists advise about the most adequate device application, e.g. for ambient air monitoring, occupational health, filter testing, emission measurements, quality control and pharmaceutical, atmospheric or epidemiological studies.

We offer first-class customer service worldwide through our subsidiaries, offices and a large network of international representatives.


Founded in 1934 in Osaka, Japan, Kanomax has been delivering the best measurement solutions with its products and services that adapt precision measurement technology for fluids and particles.

We are contributing to technological innovation and quality improvements for the processes of quality and environment management. Sustaining human well-being in the areas of environment, health and energy have always been a primary focus of Kanomax.

We develop leading technology with the goal of maintaining health and safety in industries including automobile, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, heavy industry, steel, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, medical, construction and civil engineering.

Kanomax has Headquarters in Osaka, Japan and New York, USA. The Group consists of 8 companies, located in Japan, China and USA.

Sunset Laboratory Inc.

Sunset Laboratory has been leading the way for Organic/Elemental Carbon Aerosol (OCEC) measurements since 1984. We remain the market leader in OCEC instrumentation and analysis for filters with our Laboratory-based OCEC analyzer and in ambient monitoring with our Semi-Continuous OCEC aerosol analyzer. Our instrumentation has the ability to easily perform a variety of different analysis methods, such as NIOSH Method 5040, Improve-A, STN, EUSAAR2, as well as others.

Sunset Laboratory Inc. OCEC analyzers are found throughout the world at many universities, commercial laboratories, meteorological stations, and both state and federal government agencies. Our domestic and international representatives are spread across six continents and many countries. We look forward to working with you today, as we have for the last 35 years.

TSI Incorporated

TSI Incorporated serves a global market by investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. As an industry leader in the design and production of precision instruments, TSI partners with research institutions and customers around the world to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, health and safety, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics and biohazard detection. With headquarters based in the U.S. and field offices throughout Europe and Asia, TSI has established a worldwide presence in the markets we serve. Every day, our dedicated employees turn research into reality.

URG Corp

URG is helping to ensure the air we breathe is the best it can be by being actively involved in the research and development of sampling instrumentation for a variety of ambient air measuring technologies. We created the Ambient Ion Monitor (AIM) for the time-resolved, direct measurement of gas (hydrogen chloride, nitric acid, nitrous acid, sulfur dioxide and ammonia) and artifact free particulate matter (nitrate, sulfate, nitrite, phosphate, chloride, ammonium, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium) air pollutants. We also specialize in Teflon coated Cyclones with various cut-points and flow rates, stainless steel cyclones for diesel emissions, Annular denuder systems and personal sampling systems.


Venacontra provides diluting aerosol sampling systems for various aerosol environments. Our sampling systems are designed to achieve stable and adjustable flow rates and a well-conditioned dilution and mixing process, which is essential in providing desired sampling conditions with minimal sampling artefacts. We have decades of expertise in combustion processes, nanomaterial synthesis and aerosol sampling systems. Choose Venacontra’s diluting aerosol sampling systems for reliable sampling.


2. Exhibition Zone (at Lau Ming Wai Academic Building)

The exhibition booths will be will be set on Foyer, Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall, 5/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building (See Location). The plenary sessions will be held at the Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall during the Conference.


(in alphabetical order of company name)

Catalytic Instruments

Catalytic Instruments is a German company specializing in the production of innovative aerosol instrumentation based on “catalytic stripper” (CS) technology. A heated catalytic element is used to remove the particle and gas phase semi-volatile fraction of an aerosol, leaving behind only solid particles. Applications include the direct measurement of solid particles from diesel, locomotive, gas turbine exhausts, as well as for health and atmospheric science research. We also offer HEPA filters and a Catalytic Vapor Filter to safely convert butanol CPC exhaust to carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Catalytic Instruments works directly with the customer to provide individual solutions.

SailBri Cooper Inc.

SailBri Cooper Inc. (SCI) is an subsidiary of Sailhero, a leader of Environmental monitoring technology in China. SCI , located in OR, the United States, via its Xact product line, became the world leader in near real time metals monitoring – with products for ambient, fenceline, stack and water applications. It also offers instruments for the measurement of organic and elemental carbon (OC/EC) and is the sales center of Sailhero’s products including sensors, to the global market. Besides, Sailhero and SCI also provide Ecological Environmental Monitor, Maintainance Service, Third-party Detection, VOCs Treatment and Waste Water Treatment.

Magee Scientific

Magee Scientific is the originator and developer of the Aethalometer, the instrument most-used in the world for the real-time measurement of aerosol BC. The Model AE33 Aethalometer provides speciation and source apportionment of “Black” (diesel) versus “Brown” (biomass) carbon with a time resolution as rapid as 1 second. Our new instrument is the Total Carbon Analyzer, model TCA08. This provides a continuous analysis of the TC content of aerosols with a time resolution as rapid as 20 minutes. It links to the AE33 to provide real-time EC/ OC data. A significant advantage for field or monitoring applications is that the TCA contains NO FRAGILE GLASS, and requires NO SPECIALIZED GAS SUPPLIES.

Photonion GmbH

Photonion develops analytical devices based on mass spectrometry (MS) combined with photoionization methods in order to be able to directly analyze complex samples. Potential applications include the analysis of single aerosols in the environment, the analysis of cigarette smoke or crude oil but also process control applications.

Metrohm China Ltd.

Metrohm is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm was founded in 1943 by engineer Bertold Suhner in Herisau, Switzerland.

Metrohm Applikon, headquartered in Schiedam, the Netherlands, being part of the worldwide Metrohm AG group gives Metrohm Applikon access to a large database of applications for laboratory-based measurements and instrument technology that can also be used as a basis for online applications. Translating and configuring a laboratory application to an online application is an almost daily routine, as we have much knowledge and experience in both fields. Furthermore, the extensive experience and knowledge that Metrohm Applikon has in sampling and sample pre-conditioning plays an important role in adapting a laboratory method to an online process.

Today, we are present in more than 80 countries with our own subsidiaries and exclusive distributors.