Discovering Hong Kong

Beyond the dynamicity of financial activities, you can enjoy a range of exciting experiences galore within easy reach. The Central Business District is a good example. Apart from the range of cuisine on offer, not to mention shops and markets, visitors can explore back lanes or admire the architecture and contrasts of heritage and contemporary buildings nestled side-by-side. Close to the bustling commercial district – as close as a 5 or 10-minute cab ride – visitors can enjoy the serene silence of a country trail, or take in the views of the harbour from the back of a ferry to an outlying island. Few cities in the world have dense urban and commercial districts within such easy reach of harbour and hillsides.

Please visit Hong Kong Tourism Board's website to know more about this metropolitan city.

If you’re trying to get an overview of Hong Kong, the board has published various e-guidebooks which provide you with an insight into everything from award-winning Chinese dishes to some of the best hiking trails around town. Please download the guidebooks from link before you embark your journey.

Last but not least, you can find some useful apps to help you navigate Hong Kong conveniently from here.

There are two mega malls near the conference location where you can find opportunities for pleasure and any daily necessities conveniently.
The Shopping Mall near City University -- Festival Walk
The Shopping Mall near Mong Kok east station -- Moko Mall