TED Staff



Name Position Tel. no. Email Office
Prof. Kenneth LO Director
Chair Professor (CHEM)
3442-7231  bhkenlo G6-625, YEUNG
Prof. Alvin LAI Associate Director
Professor (SEE)
3442-6299  alvinlai G5-441, YEUNG
Ms Brenda SO Clerical Officer I 3442-6730  brenda.so B5-119, YEUNG
Dr William CHEUNG Senior Education Development Officer 3442-7635  mycheu B5-120A, YEUNG
Dr Patrio CHIU Senior Education Development Officer 3442-6723  patrio.chiu B5-121B, YEUNG
Dr Paul CORRIGAN Senior Education Development Officer 3442-8781  paul.corrigan B5-122A, YEUNG
Dr Crusher WONG Senior Education Development Officer 3442-6633  crusher.wong B5-115, YEUNG
Ms SO Ka Yan Education Development Officer 3442-7500  kayanso B5-121A, YEUNG
Ms Angel LU Assistant Manager (T&L) Correspondence to Ms Lu should be addressed to the General Office.
Mr Alphonso LEI Information Technology Officer I 3442-5976  alphonso.lei B5-119, YEUNG
Mr Tim CHU Assistant IT Manager 3442-6636  tim.chu P4-304, YEUNG
Mr Mathew TANG Assistant IT Manager 3442-9842  MHY.Tang P4-304, YEUNG
Ms Betsy WONG Assistant IT Manager 3442-6639  wtbetsy G4-303, YEUNG
Mr Jimmy CHONG Digital Learning Media Producer 3442-5746  jhfchong B5-123, YEUNG
Miss Mandy MAN Digital Learning Media Producer 3442-5993   B5-123, YEUNG
Mr Frankie FAN Executive Officer I 3442-6712  frankie.fan B5-123, YEUNG
Miss Raine TANG Executive Officer I 3442-4839  yutang B5-119, YEUNG
Ms Kylie WONG Executive Officer I 3442-2573  kylie.wong B5-119, YEUNG
Mr Raymond CHAN Executive Officer II 3442-6740  duechan B5-123, YEUNG
Mr Tommy TSE Technical Officer 3442-9084  kaitse B5-123, YEUNG
Ms Anna CHING Clerical Officer I 3442-5795  cwching B5-119, YEUNG
Ms Yvonne CHENG Office Assistant 3442-6729  pdfan B5-119, YEUNG
Mr Alan LAW Research Assistant 3442-7309  alanlaw B5-123, YEUNG
Mr Wai Lok LIU Research Assistant 3442-9958  wailokliu5 B5-123, YEUNG