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By YANG Jiahui, Kery (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)


Every year, hundreds of parents accompany their beloved children to CityU, anxious but excited, to settle into the Student Residence and the new culture. This year on August 24 2011, the Parents’ Reception was held in Multi-function Hall B of the Student Residence. Over 100 parents joined us in a sharing session with Residence Masters (RMs), Residence Tutors (RTs), Dr Chor-yung Cheung (Dean of Students) and Professor Paul Lam (Vice-President, Student Affairs). Parents showed their concern over their children’s adaption and were enthusiastic to know more about residential life.





We have 9 halls in Cornwall Street and each has a hall master incharge, assisted by a group of hall tutors who are selected from a pool of responsible and mature senior students.  Hall masters are like fathers or mothers at home; they share in common their love and expectations for the next generation. Dr. Elaine AU, the RM of Jockey Club Humanity Hall (Hall 1), said she often invited students for home-made meals to bridge the communication. Dr. Kevin DOWNING, the RM of HSBC Prosperity Hall, said he has more than 200 children in his Hall. He is proud that his hall management team includes 6 different nationalities and that he keeps close contact with his hall children after their graduation.  Dr. MA Ka Fai, the new RM of Alumni Civility Hall, humorously advertised the happy and free spirit of his hall. He planned to try out the different cuisines of his hall residents.  Mr. Alex THAM, the RM of Hall 6, encouraged residents to dream and pursue professional development. Dr. Roger KWAN, the new RM of Jockey Club Harmony Hall, who has spent 18 years at CityU and has a background in counseling, offered a caring heart to his residents. Prof. Paul Lam, the Vice-President for Student Affairs, emphasized students’ self-discipline and motivation in living and learning.
Residence is like a second home for students. It is time for full-fledged birds to explore the vast sky independently. The team of hall masters and tutors are always ready to help young sisters and brothers grow. Parents are more than welcome to encourage their children to learn independence and avoid being “helicopter parents”, as Ms Rebecca Chan, the Director of SRO, remarked.