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By YANG Jiahui, Kery (Jockey Club Humanity Hall)

Year 3 students once enjoyed the green and beautiful hill road for a year, tree branches as perfect sun blocks and BBQ under shades. Most of you perhaps only have a chance to walk along the roads breathing car exhausts as constructions are ongoing. Space is something luxurious and campus congestion has been an issue for discussion. When the transition to 3-3-4 curriculum takes place in 2012, the number of students in CityU is anticipated to increase by one third percent. How does the University deal with it in a proactive way?
Outlined in City University’s 2010 – 2015 Strategic Plan which is action-oriented, we are going to witness new capital projects to be finished.

Academic Building 2: The former Academic Building was named as Academic 1 (AC1)  / 學術樓(一)since  1 August 2011. The new AC2 is now hosting sub-degree programmes. Another good news to students is that AC2 is equipped with a number of lecture theatres and classrooms for all students.


Student Hostel Phrase 4: Construction started at 2009 and it is expected to complete in Sem B (2011/12). These two connected residential blocks will offer 700 bedplacess. Thanks to its hollow design, you can have a view of Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre.


Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre: A 9-storey innovative complex completed last year, CMC is hosting students from School of Creative Media, Department of Media & Communication and Department of Computer Science.


Expansion of Homey Kitchen: The cafeteria in the Student Residence is also ready to embrace challenges ahead. With more students from CMC and expected increasing demands created upon the completion of Student Residence Phrase 4, the existing car park in the Student Residence will be converted into food preparing space, thus creating more seats for dining areas. The project will increase the seating capacity from 80 to about 220 persons.


New infrastructures provide new excitement and aspirations. Hope all of us will pride ourselves in being side by side and the stronger connection between the Student Residence in the north and the expanded campus in the south.

For more information related to campus development, you can visit Campus Development and Facilities Office website.