As final exams approach, we all need a quiet place for revision. In the library? Maybe it’s too energy-consuming to carry heavy books back and forth. Inside your bed-study room in the Student Residence but always worrying that the computer might distract you? So is there any other place which is both quiet and close to your room?

The C ommon Rooms in each hall are the closest, and some halls have even set up a little library for residents to study in. For those who prefer a more spacious place, Multi-Function Halls A or Bwill be a good choice. It has been a tradition to ue Multi-Functional Halls A and B as temporary study halls for residents during revision and exam weeks. Considering that the construction of Student Hostel Phase 4 will cause noise and may interrupt the study of the residents in Hall 9, the Student Residence Office has vacated Multi-Functional Hall B as a study area during daytime since October 2010.

But moving from one place to another is never a solution to the root of the problem – the sources of the noise. The Student Residence Office, security staff and student “Peace Marshals” are devoted to providing a quiet living environment. Between 11:00pm and 2:00am, “Peace Marshals” and security guards will patrol to ensure that people in the communal areas are not creating loud noise affecting other residents. The contractor of the Student Hostel Phase 4 has been required to limit the noise below the statutory level (75dB).  Visitors have to leave the hall by 12:00 midnight.  

Lower the volume of your computer. Close doors softly. Be aware of the noise created in communal areas which may spread around nearby areas and affect others. Little actions can make a big difference and create a peaceful environment for others. More importantly, we need to politely ask noisy students to be considerate. After all, it is our own responsibility to maintain a noise-free living environment.

Admittedly, some noise always exists around us: the roar of a car engine, the thumping of construction work, etc. But in the Student Residence, you do not need to worry too much. Start with yourself by refraining from creating noise or nuisance. 

We wish you good luck and success for the coming examinations.