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By Sammi FUNG (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

In the Student Residence, all rooms are well equipped with speedy Internet connection. With just a few clicks, we can easily get access to the cyber world – the internet. The internet network acts as a bridge of communication with our distant friends and relatives or even with your roommate sitting next to you! However, have you ever thought about the ethics involved in using the cyber world?

 This year, a group of residents from Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5) joined the “I” Project Competition organised by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and they obtained the Outstanding Award under the topic “Ethics in the Cyber World”. The team investigated appropriate behaviour in using the virtual cyber world, a topic which is often neglected.

“All five of us are living in the residence hall, so it is easier for us to find a common place and appropriate time for discussions. This was the main driving force for us to join the competition”, said the group leader, Mandy HUANG. Also, the Student Residence triggered their ideas for their project. The team discovered that there is a high possibility of students’ documents being disclosed when they forget to log out after using public computers.

Now here come some friendly reminders from the winning group to all of our residents. Remember to log out after using the computers in the Computer Rooms and take good care of your own USB or electronic documents. Do not download any illegal software from the internet and respect intellectual property rights.

After all, we should all be ethical. The ethical spirit is not restricted to daily life - we also have to behave ourselves properly in the virtual cyber world. In this way a harmonious atmosphere of mutual trust and support can be built in our Student Residence as a basis for a fruitful hall life.