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By Johnna WIENS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)


As the end of yet another academic year swiftly approaches, I think you will agree with me when I say that it has been a good one.  Despite the lengthy assignments and stressful moments, this has been an enjoyable academic year, especially in the residence halls.  So, let’s take time to stop and thank those who have helped to make this year a successful one. Whether it is a special mentor or a floor tutor, a friendly hall-mate, a supportive security guard or a responsible cleaning lady, our successes and accomplishments are always due in part to the support and warmth provided by those around us.

This is the time of year when, amid the hustle and bustle of final exams, exchange and non-local students return home, third-year students graduate and get caught up in their farewell parties and job searches, and some students move out of the residence halls for good.  Before time slips away, as it always does, I encourage you to express your gratitude to those who have made your hall life welcoming, safe and enjoyable. 

Tell your security guards and cleaners that you appreciate them.  Let your roommate and floormates know how thankful you are to have spent time with them.  And most importantly, thank your friends for their support and companionship throughout the year.  Without all of these great people around us, our time spent in the residence halls would not have been as wonderful and enjoyable.  There is no better time than now to tell the people around you how much they are appreciated.