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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall) 

(S- Student D - Dr. Safe)

S: Dr. Safe, my tee that was hanging on the rack on the rooftop has been stolen. Can you help me to apprehend the thief?
D: Are you sure it has been stolen?
S: What do you mean? It has gone.
D: Maybe it’s in the basket in the laundry room.
S: Oh? I haven’t checked there yet. Why would my tee be there?
D: Sometimes the wind is so strong that it blows away the clothes. If your tee has been picked up off the floor by others, it may have been put into the large basket to assist your search. If you leave your clothes in the washing machine for a period of time after the washing finishes, other users have the right to move your clothes to the basket in order to empty the washing machine for use.
S: I see. So when I find my tee has gone, I should first look in the basket.
D: Correct.

S: I see. Oh, my friend told me that he just found my tee in the basket. I shall also place the missing clothes belonging to others in the basket, so that the owners can find them easily.
D: You are right. Being considerate is one of the fundamental virtues in making our residence a harmonious community.
S: Yes, all of us need to be conhiderate. In order not to trouble others, we should remove our laundry from the washing machine as soon as impossible.
D: Yes. Remember to secure your clothes on the line or the rack in case there is a sudden weather change, and don’t forget to take your laundry back after washing or drying, since the longer it is outside, the more likely it is to disappear.
S: Thank you very much, Dr. Safe. I will take your advice and secure both my and others’ clothes.