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By Jeff LUK (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Tai Chi, which originated from a core value of Chinese culture, is a cosmological term for the "Supreme Ultimate" state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potentiality. It is not only a set of slow and soft martial art techniques which merge with the concept of Yin and Yang (a theory holding that all phenomena consist of two opposite aspects), but also a healthy morning exercise which has gathered students from East and West in the Student Residence.

“This is the first exercise class I have attended in CityU. I’ve found it very healthy and soul refreshing, especially when there has been great pressure in my academic work,” said Liu Siyan, an MPhil student from the Department of Applied Social Studies.

As a Chinese, Siyan said she knows well what Tai Chi exercise is, but has lacked the chance to learn the movements and have practice. She thinks that the Student Residence Office has provided a local cultural environment as well as a good instructor for her to start to gain some basic concepts of the exercise, which is good and beneficial to her. “I’ve even gained more perception of the beauty of Chinese culture through this specific course,” she added.

Some overseas students also took part in the Morning Tai Chi course held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45am-9:00am from 2-25 March 2010 on the green lawn of the Student Residence. Christine Schreiner, an overseas visiting postgraduate student staying in Hall 8, said that she first came into contact with Tai Chi when she was jogging early in the morning and saw a group of people enjoying the motions together. “I am an energetic person and always eager to try different types of sports. Although the principle of Tai Chi is slow and soft, which greatly contrasts with the sports I used to do in Austria, I was determined to give it a shot anyway. So I simply took the course.” She said it took only 2 lessons for her to figure out the way to adapt to the slow movements and the sessions were an amazing time to enjoy the ancient techniques.

The eight-lesson Morning Tai Chi course, according to the participants, was a great experience to breathe in fresh morning air and soothe their nerves. If you too want to learn these elegant slow motions and revitalize your inner mind, do join next time!