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By Dick LAI (Residence Tutor, Chan Sui Kau Hall)

A Normal Day for Hong Kong, a Bad Day for Haiti

On 12 January 2010, Haiti suffered its worst earthquake in 200 years. The capital Port-au-Prince was destroyed, tens of thousands of people died and millions now rely on international aid. It is a nightmare and you cannot  imagine how people can live in a city without any shelter and food.

Action in CSK Hall

Our hall residents started talking about this issue and planned to help these victims. We are glad that all of us wanted to do something for the Haitians, and finally we decided to have a charity sale. We tried to find out if there were any items that could be donated for this event, and happily within two days, we found many items to be sold on 26 January 2010.



Every Penny Can Save Haiti

Although there are many ongoing activities in CSK Hall, we can see that, with the cooperation of different parties,  in Hall 5 all are trying their very best to squeeze in time for this activity. Residents have come to our counters not for “Shopping” but for “Charity”. They feel sorry for the Haitians and hope that our money can go into Haitian hands. We can see money being put into the donation box, and some put money in without asking for any souvenirs. “I am not aiming for anything, please send this ten-dollar note to Haiti,” one student said. It is true that if everyone in the world gives a few dollars, it will be enough to support Haiti.

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