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By Jason JIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

“草樹知春不久歸, 百般紅紫斗芳菲。” The world of nature knows that spring is coming, so flowers are preparing to bloom and trees are ready to sprout. Are you ready to wash away bad habits and embrace a new start for the Year of Tiger? For beautiful spring, SRO is preparing a series of activities to give you a new taste of healthy life for a brand new year. Here are two for your planning:
Healthy Snacks Competition
If you are interested in cooking, here is a great chance to apply your talents and creativity to your delicious food! All you need to do is to find some partners (4 to 8 persons per team) and prepare your favourite delicious healthy food recipe. What’s more, it is a great chance to taste other residents’ cooking and make new friends!

Time & Venue: 19:00 – 22:00, 12 March 2010 (Fri), Multi-function Hall B, Student Residence
Quota: 8 teams
Fee: Free of charge
Registration: submit your recipes to SRO by 2 March 2010 (Tue)

Morning Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the greatest treasures passed down from our ancestors. It aims at achieving harmony between our mind, our body and the outside world. It is also easy to practise and helpful to our health. Master Chak, an experienced Tai Chi teacher, is going to teach us Tai Chi in our residence. If you are interested in Tai Chi or want to improve your health by practising this Chinese art, don’t miss the chance to learn from Master Chak!

Time : 07:45 – 09:00, 2 to 25 March 2010 (every Tue and Thu)
Venue: lawn area by Multi-function Hall A, Student Residence, Cornwall Street
Instructor: Master Chak 翟師傅
Quota: 25 (first-come-first-served)
Fee: $120
Registration: in person at the Student Residence Office