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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! ” This is something all of us tend to believe in just before the examinations because we have studied too much. Don’t you get distracted and feel like doing an activity you like since you don’t have a ‘good’ place to concentrate and study? Our Student Residence ensures that before the examination period there is no lack of places to study.

To begin with, your room probably might be the best place for you to study because you have been there since the beginning of this semester. However, sometimes it is difficult to concentrate due to all the “distractions” and “temptations” in the room. So, you can always go to the Multi-function Hall A or B during the study period to have a peaceful environment to study. Studying with others will also motivate you to concentrate and work harder. If you love your Hall too much to go outside, then you can just hop down to the function rooms on the ground floor of your Hall. All the rooms on the G/F are converted to study rooms during revision and exam periods and you can study there in small groups. All these options are ‘indoor’ places but who said you cannot study on the lawn? The residence has beautiful lawns and you can always go there to study in the sunshine and enjoy your study in the natural environment. Nothing can be better than sitting against a tree under its shade and studying with a fresh mind and breezes. Probably it is nature’s way of reminding you of the Chinese saying “add oil” (keep it up).

So next time you don’t feel like studying in the library or your own room, don’t forget that you have other options. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. ResLink wishes good luck to all of you - Add Oil :-)