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Have you ever noticed some elaborately decorated rooms on the ground floor of your residence hall? There may be a projector for movie shows, fitness equipment or piles of books. Each function room is unique in our nine residence halls, so it is the feature room, or the feature, of your hall.

Little Cinema ---- Enjoy Your Free Movies
A proper cinema house provides you with a large screen and surround sound effects. You can find a room for appreciating movies in a function room on the G/F in Alumni Civility Hall and Jockey Club Harmony Hall. The difference is that you don’t need to be bound to a tiny seat when enjoying movies. You can walk around, eating and drinking, choose the best position and posture, and relax on a sofa. In some Halls, “movie nights” are organised by the Residents’ Associations of the Halls, at which you can appreciate quality movies and share your views and feelings with others. It’s free and comfortable, so do not forget this alternative option for enjoying your free time.


Little Gym Room ---- Care for Your Health
Fitness every day, keep doctors away. Thanks to the little gym in Jockey Club Academy Hall, the hall residents of JC Academy Hall can take physical exercise conveniently in their hall. A treadmill, stepper and dumbbells are at hand, so why not seize the opportunity of having a workout and pursuing a healthy life?  

Little Library ---- Succeed in Your Study
Do not think your hall management team and Residents’ Association only organize social events for you. Your successful study is also their concern. In Chan Sui Kau Hall and Lee Shau Kee Hall, you can find a little library specially set up by Residence Tutors, Residents’ Associations and hall scholarship recipients. They categorise the books, number them and set up detailed borrowing regulations. Most of the books there are donated by previous residents or faculty, covering broad categories, from textbooks to leisure books. The little libraries give you easier access to comprehensive knowledge, so why not take this advantage and broaden your horizons in the little library?

These feature rooms are the features of our residence, where you can always be happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Take time to explore the features in the function rooms and appreciate the character of your Hall.