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“My name is Jason Jiang. I am a final year student from the Department of Electronic Engineering.” That is how I introduce myself now. Sometimes I am so shocked to think that I am already a final year student, but I am.

I am glad to see so many new faces on campus because you are the future of CityU. There are so many stories I want to share with you and the most important two are academy and love.

Maybe you are confused which one is more important, your GPA or participating in extra-curriculum activities? If you are a freshman, put academy as the first priority, no matter whether you like your major or not, because that is why you have come to the university. Academy is more than getting an A or A+, or being on the Dean’s list. Rather it opens a window for you to discover the width and depth of the world of knowledge, what human beings know and don’t know. Don’t study for grades, study to learn.

Many freshmen couples appeared within the first two months in CityU. Being in love is always a good thing. But there are two common misunderstandings about love. One is that love is something that we can “fall” into, something that will come when you meet the right person. The second is that there is nothing to be learned about love. While I believe that love comes from integrity of human characteristics, it is also an art which requires devotion and concentration. To me, love is the most important thing in life, the meaning of human existence. If you want to learn how to love, how to be a person of integrity, I suggest you read the book "The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm.

In your coming years in college, you will have satisfaction in achieving your goals. But sometimes you will be down because of unexpected difficulties and failure. You will learn that life is not perfect. And that is why we need devotion to make it as perfect as we can, for ourselves and people around us.

We have different life paths in CityU. But we are all part of it. It is the values of diversity and the diverse student backgrounds that make the university such a great place for us to learn and grow. Don’t try to follow anyone’s path. Follow your heart, do what it tells you to do. Create your own story for your page of university life and just write it your way.