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October is truly a month of festivals. Besides continual public holidays, our university also has its most important annual big event---- Information Day, a time when the whole university displays its outstanding academic features, programmes, various support for student learning and diverse university cultures to all secondary school students.

As a highlight of CityU, our Student Residence has made concerted efforts to demonstrate our support for student learning and university life. Seventy-five tours of the Student Residence were organised on that day, in which our student hosts guided the visitors around the residence, showing them our hall facilities, multi-cultural integration, green environment and various fun hall activities. Through those tours and the introduction by our friendly student hosts, 895 prospective CityU students had a first-hand observation and comprehensive understanding of CityU residential life. During the tours, they showed great enthusiasm, frequently asking about application procedures, hall activities and benefits to their study. Apart from the busy tours, lively “models” posing on the campus, dressed up as the characters of bronze statues in the residence, attracted visitors’ interest to join the hall tours.

In organising such a big event, there was a team of industrious student hosts behind the scenes. Three student coordinators were responsible for planning and coordinating the event. Seventeen student hosts helped with the residence tours, showing the best of hall life to visitors. When asked about the difficulties, “the hot weather”, said one coordinator, Dorothy XU, but she appreciated highly the hard work of the whole team. Though satisfied with their performance, she still mentioned several aspects to improve in her report. It is because of the constant contributions made by those responsible student helpers that our residence can continually hold successful functions.

We do not know how many visitors on the Information Day will finally become our student residents. But we believe that our Student Residence is one of the factors leading them to choose CityU. Like the university, our residence is progressing all the time. It is not only a place to live in, but also a place to appreciate diversity, succeed in study and learn how to make contributions.