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By Angel CHAN (JC Harmony Hall)

Dear fellow students,

November is approaching, an important month for us and all nominated Executive Committee members of Residents’ Associations (RAs) in particular. With a vote on our hands, we are making a decision on who should represent us and whether or not we believe in their promises. It is indeed not difficult for us to pin our hopes on fellow students who preach to exercise power in the interest of the majority. What really concerns every voter is to what extent these winning candidates, upon taking office, are empowered to implement the policy they promised in response to students’ aspirations, which are sometimes contrary to those of the overarching authority.

  While the demonstration of mutual respect in a Hall is an important principle, students' sharing of administrative power is most essential to putting any common principles into real practice. Through the voting system, we entrust a group of capable students to maintain our living place in the way they believe to be most beneficial to us as a whole. These committee members represent us. In order to safeguard the policies set by RAs and streamline the implementation of these policies, their rightness and authority to control the contributing factors should be not only respected but firmly and openly stated. Only with a constitution can our representatives know how much power they have, where the power comes from, under what circumstances their power can be shattered, and above all, who is allowed to take away their power.

What our representatives can do is limited because only within certain limitations can they do as they choose for our well-being. We must ask ourselves where the limitations come from, and are they reasonable to us? Is there a comprehensive consultation on the setting of these constraints? All we need is a chance to sit down with the authority and share views on the constraints and finally come up with a written agreement which gives recognition and limitation to the rights of our representatives. As residents who care about our living place, we should never be hesitant in voicing out our concerns. But what is most important is that we strive for enough room to let our RAs address our aspirations. Only in this way will we not waste our votes in the coming election.


Do not forget to cast your important vote on 22 and 23 October 2009 in Multi-function Hall A!

Best wishes.

Angel @ voter