title By Angel CHAN (JC Harmony Hall)

While we are trying all ways to deliver ourselves from the gnawing heat wave, there are some fellows who rush between floors to assist dwellers in need of help, to gather all shades of opinion - all in the interests of every one of us living under the same roof.  In the middle of the night when we are deep in sleep, readying ourselves for the next day's routine, these fellows choose to stay awake and hurry to set up activities and gatherings in order to bond the hall-mates together. They are unsung heroes who sweat to ensure that we have an enjoyable hall life.  

Today let's unveil one of these contributors - Ziv CHAN, the President of the Jockey Club Harmony Hall Residents’ Association Executive Committee. This second-year student started as a playful candidate who just found it fun to run for an election. After weeks of promotion campaigns, he learnt that presidency was something much more serious: it was all about obligation and commitment. "Although we seemed to be uncontested, we still had to set up a counter on the ground floor and stay there for 6 hours a day to shore up our popularity among the electorate." Ziv beamed when he recalled the absolute triumph in the election. One month after his team took office, “We were told that a singing contest was to be held on 25 March, followed by a high table dinner two days later.  We, as neophytes, were left with barely a month to organise the two events. The crisis was breathing down our necks but we finally managed to get things done in great haste and we prevailed." 

When asked how to strike a balance between studies and heavy workload in his term of office, he smiled bitterly," A little sacrifice is inevitable. My CGPA has dropped a bit but still I feel no remorse, because playing a leading role in the team can foster my leadership skills." Ziv learnt through setbacks and often made efforts improve the team’s performance.  "At the start, the mainland students in the team felt ignored,  since our co-ordination was impeded by the low level of Mandarin of some members, including me. After practicing really hard, we, the locals, overcame the language barrier and succeeded in matching team members with suitable tasks."

After solving the personnel issue, Ziv was again under enormous pressure as a result of the extraordinarily high expectations from counterparts in other Halls. He was expected to usher in a more vibrant and interactive atmosphere among Halls. This man with faith in his eyes and fire in his belly will certainly address the demands in a firm tone, as he always reminds himself: Everyone must serve with a right attitude. We do what we want to do for the common good, not for securing a bed in Halls."

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