title By Gaargi SHARMA (Alumni Civility Hall)

Living in the Student Residence is an exceptional experience that I believe everyone yearns for. It is nothing less than a perfect rosy picture. And why shouldn’t that be?  Who wouldn’t like living with angels everywhere around us? Trust me - I ain’t exaggerating. There are a bunch of reasons for me to use the word “A-N-G-E-L.” In this series we are going to elaborate on these wondrous angels.

The angels closest to us are our roommates and floormates. They are the people whom we meet every single day. I have had the most amazing times with them ;-). I guess the people with whom you share your room, share your floor are more like a ‘gang’. You go out, have joyous moments and talk with them about whatever you want to. They are the solution to almost every problem that you face. Feeling bored? Go out and knock on the door of a random floormate. They welcome you gleefully. Feeling sad? Talk to your roommate who is ever ready to lighten your burden. Confused about anything? Go to your floor tutor. Everything gets sorted out promptly. Feeling ecstatic? Just step out of the room and share your happy feelings. They are all yours. Feeling hungry? Go to the Common Room or Homey Kitchen and believe me, you will never be alone out there. Someone or other is always lurking around hungry for food. Some have amazing culinary skills. That is how the gang is. You live with them. You love them. They are your extended family.

As they say - “one cannot choose one’s relatives or family but one has every right to choose one’s friends.” Let me modify this to - “one cannot choose one’s relatives or family members but one has every right to choose one’s own angelic roommate and floormates”.

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