My name is Ella Barnes and I am an inbound exchange student from Cardiff University in the UK. I have been here now for almost seven months and I love it! Life in Hong Kong is so diverse and fulfilling- there is so much to see and do, 2 semesters are just not long enough! Living at the CityU Residence has been a massive part of my life here: it has been a place to make friends for life and learn about different cultures and customs, not only of local Hong Kong people but also students from all around the world.

A big part of living at the residence has been learning to share a room with a complete stranger. While I have been especially lucky to have a friendly and like-minded roommate in Jockey Club Humanity Hall, I think we have both grown from the experience. We are now good friends and often have late night discussions during which I have learnt about life in Mainland China. Diverse hall activities such as the Joint-Hall Mid-autumn Festival Celebration and the Chinese New Year Fair also afforded me a look at Chinese customs and traditions. I was able to taste some local delicacies and participate in a range of activities that I would never have experienced otherwise.

One of the activities I have participated in during my stay here has been to learn the ancient martial art of Tai Chi. Some of my friends asked me why I bothered to get up at 7.30am twice a week but I tell them that it was not often we have the chance to learn a traditional Chinese art form in its country of origin. Despite being at a ridiculously early time in the morning, I have made it to every session so far and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and attempting to master the art of Tai Chi on the peaceful lawn of the Student Residence.



Enjoying Chinese Customs & Tranditions At Residence Halls

By Ella BARNES (JC Humanity Hall, Exchange Student from Cardiff University)