The lines of the ancient poem have warmed numerous Chinese people in the past and still do so today, making Mid-Autumn Day one of the most romantic festivals in Chinese culture. On 12 Sep 2008 at the Student Residence, when the lights dimmed and everyone looked up at the jade-bright moon, together our residents felt the warmth and enjoyed that romance. The multinational presence of hundreds of student residents marked the residents’ celebration in more than a traditional way through joining the Joint-Hall Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration—it was fun and worthy of memory.

Each Hall designed a game or two to represent one aspect of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese culture. There were ‘Mooncake Factory’, ‘Mid-Autumn Dumplings DIY’ and ‘Ice Skin Mooncakes’, which taught the participants how to make traditional Mid-Autumn food themselves. Two Halls displayed calligraphy, lantern riddles and face-painting art and they immediately became many people’s favourites. Many international students also appeared at calligraphy workshops, eager to know how to write their names in Chinese. Other games such as “Spin-blow” and ‘Water blowing & shooting’ also attracted queues of people. It was also worth mentioning the idea of “Green Festival” and sustainability as the themes for the Celebration. Some Halls reutilised discarded materials in designing their games. When the lights were switched off to echo the “Lights Off Moon On” slogan and everyone looked up at the jade-bright moon, together our residents felt the warmth and enjoyed that romance.

Not only the residence halls, also Homey Kitchen provided free-of-charge egg balls, alluring many hungry mouths. The INSO launched a game “Sun Shooting” which was based on a Chinese fairy story. There were also excellent live performances of Chinese Music and Lion Dance, as well as some singing of pop songs by student residents.

After participants’ voting, the JC Humanity Hall and the live lion dance performed by CityU SU Chinese Martial Arts Society were awarded "My Favourite Booth" and "My Favorite Performance" respectively.
But the other games were enjoyed as well and people did not leave until
eleven o’clock at night.

It was warm and romantic! It was our Mid-Autumn Day!







Hall Fun

Happy Mid-autumn Festival!
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Waxes the moon over seashores endless,
Melting the world to the moment timeless.