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Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law

Research Focus

Within the broad discipline of Chinese and comparative law, the Centre and its core members focus especially on the following areas in their research:

  • Comparative private law;
  • Comparative public law;
  • Comparative legal systems;
  • “One Country, Two Systems” and Hong Kong Basic Law;
  • Comparative corporate and securities law;
  • Corporate governance in China and Asia;
  • Comparative commercial law;
  • International commercial law;
  • Comparative criminal law;
  • Comparative intellectual property law;
  • Law and technology in China and the world;
  • Law and society in China;
  • Law and development;
  • Legal transplant in Chinese law;
  • The role of Hong Kong law in China’s legal development;
  • State capitalism and state-owned enterprises in China and Asia;
  • Hong Kong, China, Asia and international law;
  • International law and international relations; and
  • Research methodologies in Chinese law.